Testimonies from parents

Kayla was an integral part of our birthing experience. From an extra set of hands to do counter preassure all the way through labor, to the most simple refilling my ice water, Kayla helped immensley to keep me calm, focused, and smiling! Her soothing voice and kind-hearted nature helped my hubby to also stay calm when things got more intense! I would highly recommend Kayla as your doula if you want the perfect support.
--Rebecca, Anthony & Eliza

Our experience having Kayla as our Doula was great! Being a first time parent, having her assistance was helpful in maintaining a calm atmosphere during the laboring process. She helped with breathing techniques and was there to help provide other comfort measures while birthing. Her calm presence and assistance was very much appreciated by these first time parents, and we would highly recommend hiring Kayla as your Doula!
--Emily, Stephen & Finn

My third birth was the first birth in which I had a doula; it was also the first birth I had at a birth center and not a hospital. Although I had the confidence from previous uncomplicated births, there is nothing to replicate the confidence and support provided by Kayla. Kayla validated my choices and birth philosophy, supported my labor style and coping techniques, and gave helpful information and insight where it was lacking. Having Kayla at our birth was invaluable. We appreciated her suggestions and guidance. It was by far my favorite birth experience. We will definitely be using a doula again should the need arise!
--Kara, Nate & Sable

My husband and I knew we wanted a doula from the start, and we are so glad we chose Kayla. We interviewed several doulas, but knew immediately that Kayla was the doula for us by her calm energy and friendly demeanor. She provided us with the resources to prepare for birth in our prenatal meetings, and helped us reflect on our experience at our postnatal meeting. We also chose to encapsulate my placenta, which she did a lovely job of and had back to me in just a couple of days! I had to call Kayla to let her know I was in labor in the middle of the night, and she stayed with us for the entirety of my 38 hour labor. During labor she was an invaluable source of support, encouragement, and guidance. She helped me with positioning and movement to keep labor progressing, helped my husband to know how best to support me, and was great at reminding me of the path I had been hoping to take. She encouraged my husband to take time to replenish himself with food and sleep, which he reflected that he most likely would not have done without her gentle push to do so. She also helped me make some hard decisions about interventions when we were faced with them. I cannot thank Kayla enough for being a part of our birth story, I don't know how we would've done it without her.
--Amy & Lief

Kayla was an excellent doula and we are so glad we hired her! She helped us to prepare for our son’s birth with plenty of online resources to read/watch to prepare for the big event, as well as several meetings before the birth to go over some ways that my husband could help support and comfort me during the labor process, talk about any concerns, fears, anticipations, etc. about giving birth, and just get to know us better before hand. We also opted to have her encapsulate my placenta, which she delivered to us on the third day after giving birth. She was a comforting, supportive help during labor itself for both me and my husband and we are so grateful she was there!
--Andriana & Nick

When we met with Kayla while we were looking for a doula, my husband and I were impressed with how she engaged with both of us and her vision for the role of a doula. In our prenatal meetings we discussed our birth plan and the things that we wanted from her. It was important to us that Kayla would help Joe in supporting me and that she would keep me physically moving in ways that would help my labor progress.
When the day arrived, Kayla did exactly what we discussed in our prenatal meetings. She did an amazing job of giving Joe ideas to support me. Kayla kept me moving into different positions that encouraged labor progression. When my labor became difficult and transferring to a hospital was being discussed, Kayla helped us refocus on our birth plan and the type of labor and delivery we envisioned. We ended up with a birth that closely matched our vision. Kayla was an important part of our birth team. We are grateful that she gave us the support we both needed during labor.
--Leah & Joe