Placenta Encapsulation and Tincture

What is a placenta?

A placenta is a truly amazing organ and does so much for the baby while they are still growing in the mother's womb. A placenta is how the baby absorbs nutrients from the mother, it regulates the baby's temperature, it protects the baby from any potential infections, it provides oxygen, removes waste from the baby's blood, and produces lots of healthy hormones to support the pregnancy and growth of the baby.

Why should you consider encapsulating your placenta or taking it as a tincture?

All other mammals consume their placentas right after giving birth; it's something that animals have been doing since the beginning of time. The placenta is full of healthy hormones and nutrients that will help the mother in her early postpartum heal from pregnancy and giving birth. Throughout pregnancy a woman's hormone levels are changing constantly. Labor is naturally induced by a hormonal fluctuation and hormones are what make a woman's uterus contract and have the baby. Once the mother has her baby, her hormone levels change greatly again not only from the birth of the baby and placenta but also to begin her production of breast milk.

Many women simply dispose of their placenta which is very common and will cause your body no harm. But if you choose to consume your placenta, you are making the transition from being pregnant, going into labor, giving birth, and no longer being pregnant much smoother for your body. When you give birth you lose a lot of hormones by giving birth to the placenta. By consuming your placenta you are slowing adding those hormones back into your body naturally which will help you feel emotionally balanced during early postpartum. The women who I have talked with about their experience with consuming their placenta have said nothing but positive things and have found it to be nourishing, healing, and grounding in early postpartum.

Placenta services

I have been trained to do placenta encapsulations and placenta tinctures. I practice a traditional Chinese method of encapsulating placentas. My placenta services are not limited to my birth doula clients. If you have me encapsulate your placenta or make a tincture for you, I will have your placenta back to you within three days of your baby's (or babies') birth. I am very intentional about quickly delivering your placenta since the healthy hormones in the placenta will help your body heal from giving birth, produce breast milk, and balance your hormones in early postpartum. I will have your placenta back with you to take as soon as possible so you can start to experience all the benefits of consuming your placenta as your bond with your new baby.

Placenta Encapsulation: $200 ($150 with doula services)

Placenta Tincture: $75