Birth Doula Services

Free Consultation

I offer one free consultation meeting with each couple so you can get to know me, my birth philosophy, and personality. It is also a time for me to get to know you and learn the kind of support and birth experience you are seeking. For this consultation we meet either in your home or at a cozy cafe that is convenient for you.

As your doula, I will provide you with...

Two Prenatal Meetings

Each prenatal meeting will be a time for you to ask any questions and be physically, emotionally and spiritually supported unconditionally. I will provide you with useful information and help support you for labor and delivery.

Pregnancy is a very uniquely beautiful time for a family and it is essential for families to feel supported. As you prepare your home, minds, and hearts for your newborn baby, a lot of shifting is happening internally and externally. Having a doula come into the intimate space of your home and pregnancy and support you through all these changes can truly change the way you feel and experience this very sacred time.

A doula is a path keeper, she will aid you along your journey and help you stay the path you have chosen so you can make your dream birth experience a reality.

Prenatal Meeting Focuses:

  1. Education on options of where to give birth and receive care. Discuss you dream birth plan and ways support it.
  2. Learn and receive resources on ways to physically, emotionally, and spiritually support and comfort each other during pregnancy and labor. Learn laboring/birthing techniques.
  3. Discuss any fear, worries, or other stressors to clear the path to a peaceful birth and have time to ask any general questions.

Labor Support

I will provide continuous support until you give birth. When your baby is born I will make sure you feel comfortable with breastfeeding/bottle feeding, you and your partner are fed, nourished, and you both feel confident taking care of your newborn child without me.

One Postnatal Meetings

Postpartum is full of wonder and newness for both the mother and her primary partner. I will come to your home during the first few weeks after your baby(s) is/are born. I will answer questions about breastfeeding/bottle feeding, lactation, the healing process for the new mother, and provide helpful resources. We will also have time to process your experience with pregnancy, labor/birth, and integration into parenthood (if this is your first child) or with integrating another child into the family.

Postpartum Meeting Focuses:

  1. Breastfeeding/bottle feeding help, guidance and support. General education on mother's post-birth body and hormonal health. Ways to support each other as a couple physically, emotionally, and spiritually. We will also have time to process the birth experience together.
  2. Check-in and talk about breastfeeding/bottle feeding. We will talk about your integration process into parenthood and I can provide more resources to help you in your early postpartum.

To summarize, as your doula I will...

  1. Support and comfort you.
  2. Listen to you are your partner so I can be present with what ever arises during the pregnancy, labor/birth, and into early postpartum.
  3. Provide resources on VBACS, c-sections, natural childbirth, and medical interventions.
  4. Educate you about hospital protocols.
  5. Give you birthing techniques and positions for labor and delivery.
  6. Educate you about your body.
  7. Educate you about the hormones that change in your body during pregnancy, labor, and postpartum.
  8. Help you make a birth plan.
  9. Instill confidence in you to trust your intuition with how and where you want to give birth.
  10. Be available for questions via text 24/7 until 2 weeks after your birth.
  11. Celebrate the birth of your baby with you!
  12. Help and support you with your journey of breastfeeding/bottle feeding.
  13. Provide resources for placenta encapsulation.

Overall Investment: $750