My Birth Philosophy


A doula is a handmaiden to the Birthing Goddess. She lends her heart and hands as she labors to transform herself into the Mother Goddess. A doula will carry water, cook, clean, and care for her family as well as directly support her in labor. It is woman's work. Hard physical work, intense emotional and spiritual work, everyday miracle work. Sometimes she will not know she is a Goddess and the doula will hold up the mirror and tell her to look and share her vision. -- Birth Arts International Founder, Demetria Clark


Pregnancy and birth are very sacred in a woman's life. Each and every woman deserves to be supported as she undertakes this most challenging and miraculous transformation. I am a woman who has given birth and believes in a woman's innate ability to give birth. As women, we carry all the essential parts to not only knit together our babies in our wombs, but we also have the incredible opportunity to give birth to life. I truly believe giving birth is a gift and is by far one of the most powerful experiences that a woman can have through the very nature of her body.

I believe modern medicine is a very beautiful and helpful tool to make labor smoother and even safer in some cases. With that said, I tend to focus my energy on empowering women to believe in their innate ability to give birth naturally. Childbirth is an incredibly momentous experience and will be something you remember for the rest of your life. If we as woman are intentional and are supported during our pregnancy, we have the ability to experience one of the most influential chapters of our lives empowered, confident, and left with the feeling we can achieve anything. I have dedicated my life to supporting women during this very intimate time of their lives so they may feel the magic of childbirth empowerment.