I have always had an interest in natural medicine, yoga, healthy cooking/eating, meditation, massage, and physical and emotional wellness. I went on to become a Barre teacher, Pilates instructor, then a Yoga teacher. Soon after becoming a movement teacher, I studied Thai massage to integrate it into my classes and understand how to better support my students with hands-on adjustments. Meanwhile I was developing a meditation practice and became interested in the workings of our minds. I traveled to Bali to work at a Silent Meditation Retreat for a month and guided 2 meditations everyday I was there.

Once I had my first child, I quickly became passionate about helping women during their pregnancy, labor, and into early postpartum. I feel that all my interests have led me to this work of being a doula. Yoga, quieting my mind; eating a consistent healthy diet; and studying women's anatomy through Pilates and Thai massage have all led me to have a deeper understanding of how to support women.

Giving birth to my daughter was hands down one of the most incredible experiences of my life so far. I want to share the love I have for giving birth to women preparing for this most transformational and powerful experience. I hope to provide women courage to go into this experience so they may not only understand the power of their body in its ability to give birth but also feel empowered and rock labor and delivery!